Let us fit you for your next helmet!

Many to choose from a wide selection of high-quality DOT approved helmets 

  • Full Face Helmets

     Full face helmets provide the maximum amount of protection for your head. With the wide range of colours and styles to choose from you can protect your head and reflect your personality all at the same time. Come on in, choose helmet and let's get you fitted.
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  • Half Helmets

    If you have a head, we have a  helmet for you! Tons of Bike Gear has a vast array of styles and colours that will suit your personality and riding style.  We carry the "smallest" legal DOT approved helmet. Come on in, enjoy the selection and let us know which helmet suits you. We will gladly fit you for your helmet. We have shown a few or our helmets here, however, please do come in to the store to enjoy our va...
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  • Reinforced Riding Shirts & Jeans

    Look what we have in store for you. Reinforced Flannel Riding Shirts & Jeans  For those of you who want a little something different from the tradition leather, why not try a Reinforced flannel riding shirt.  We also carry flannel riding shirts for our lady riders. The shirt has shoulder and elbow protection, they come in a few different colours and offer a trendy alternative to the motorcycle jacket. Also the Jeans are wor...
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  • Leather & Textile Biker Jackets

    We carry a large selection of Leather and Textile Jackets for men and women For Late Spring and summer riding we offer a nice selection of Mesh Jackets, which allow the wind to flow freely through the jacket keeping you nice and cool as you ride. Check out our latest additions, HI-Vis Jackets. "Be Seen".   Fall and Early Spring calls for a heavier jacket with zip out liner and a little more weather protection, for those cool...
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  • Vests

    Choose from our variety of vests, Leather,  Textile, Hi Vis, Ten Pocket , Denim, Swat &  S.O.A. style vests .   Check out our latest  styles and colours for 2024.
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  • Boots

    A good biker boot is not just about adding the finishing touch… It's  about safety and comfort. We have a nice selection of leather boots for you to choose from and all of them have the protective features and comfort you're looking for. Just pick a style, tell us your size and we'll do the rest.
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  • Saddlebags, Tool & Travel Bags

    Whether you need somewhere to store your lipstick or glasses or are planning a nice long trip, we have many styles of saddlebags, tool & Travel bags to suit your needs. Come in and see our selection, take a few outside and try them on your Bike, see how they look before you buy.  Check out our cute "puppy carrier" keep your little guy safe and happy as he/she comes along for the ride.
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  • Gloves, Glasses & Accessories

    Whether it would be saddlebags, gloves, riding/safety glasses, vest chains, wallets, bells etc.  we have the inventory and selection. Whether it needs to fit you or your bike, Tons of Bike Gear has a wide selection of items for you to choose from.
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  • Patches & Stickers

    Everyone is different and it's okay to let people know that you are too. Tons of Bike Gear has various patches and stickers to help you express yourself and decorate that new Bike Jacket or Vest.
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  • Rainsuits

    Not that we ever anticipate having to use one, however, always something handy to have stored in your saddlebag or travel bag. Come in and see our rainsuits, we have various colours, purple and pinks for the ladies, unisex black, orange/grey. we also offer the rain "booties" to completely enclose your boots, making your ride in the rain more enjoyable
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  • We're a couple from St.Thomas Ont, and ever since we've discovered your shop, you've always made us feel at home, whether its as simple as a handshake or a hug when we come in, to a simple bottle of water after a long ride, you always make us feel so very welcome. We all truly enjoy supporting a small business and love to set up the next monthly road trip to "tobg" with as many other new riders as we can !! A special thank you as well, for finding and returning my reading glasses, most anyone else would simply have tossed them in the garbage. Please accept this small token of our appreciation and we will see you on your customer appreciation weekend for sure!! Can't wait for our next ride up to you!! Paul & Tish Tetreault Note: Paul and Tish supplied us with absolutely delicious BBQ sauce lovingly made by Paul and greatly appreciated and enjoyed by ourselves and our delighted customers. Thank you so much Ed & Lil
    Paul & Tish Tetreault
  • "I could have spent thousands of dollars, buying all of the gear necessary for my safety and my style, but instead, I spent only a few hundred thanks to Tons Of Bike Gear"
    Don Cormier

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